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Ultrasounds Provide Benefits for Women and Babies

We’ve been serving women and their healthcare needs since 1990, and patient care and convenience are at the forefront of our service. One of the conveniences we are able to offer our patients is in-office ultrasounds.  Ultrasounds allow doctors to monitor the health of the mother and fetus, as well as allow future parents to see their developing baby. They also provide the first pictures soon-to-be parents can share with their family and friends. Pelvic ultrasounds are performed for many reasons.  Pelvic pain, irregular menstrual cycles, and heavy menstrual bleeding are just some of the reasons we may recommend a pelvic ultrasound.

Often, a doctor will perform an ultrasound to examine and evaluate the overall health of a woman's pelvic area if she is experiencing pelvic pain.

An ultrasound can help the medical staff prepare for a delivery by better understanding the health of the baby.  Ultrasounds can also be used to assess the development and position of a baby during pregnancy. The first time a parent sees the ultrasound of their baby is a day they’ll never forget.

We recognize that, although your ultrasound is an important and informative test for us, to expectant parents an ultrasound is so much more than a test preformed during a pregnancy.  Whether a soon-to-be mom is preparing for the arrival of her first child or a second or third child, it is exciting to see the baby for the first time. 

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