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Ultrasounds are Valuable Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic ultrasound is an imaging technology that uses high-frequency sound waves to generate fairly accurate images of structures within your body. In this technology, sound waves echo as they bounce off body tissue. The transducer receives the echoes and transmits them to a computer that uses them to create a picture made with sound (sonogram). Images generated during an ultrasound can provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions. For example, vaginal ultrasounds generate images within the vagina. These scans can determine the health of the ovaries and detect the presence of cysts.  Ultrasound examinations use sonar devices that can either be internal or external. These examinations are painless and safe.

Ultrasounds Help Assess Fetal Condition Throughout Pregnancy

Since the 1950’s ultrasonography has been used in obstetric diagnosis.  Ultrasounds create a continuous image of the womb, monitoring the fetus as it moves. A clear image of prenatal health provides valuable information regarding fetal development.

During an ultrasound a probe is moved on the surface of a mother’s abdomen to provide a view of the womb and the fetus inside. Information obtained from the ultrasound is displayed on a monitor. The fetal heartbeat can be detected, and developmental problems in the fetus can be assessed and measured. During pregnancy ultrasounds are used to determine the fetal age, size, and rate of growth.

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